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Write Stuff: Palm Beach Post Feature Story: Michael Kahlowsky says its all in the writematch
February 26, 2001    by:   WriteMatch.com

Moving Up
Michael S. Kahlowsky
Started a writematch analysis business

Name: Michael S. Kahlowsky, graphologist

Name of promotion: Recently started a writematch analysis business

Place of business: Ink to Hire, Inc., Boynton Beach

Recent Accomplishments: Resumes and interviews are routine when businesses look to hire workers. But if Michael S. Kahlowsky had his druthers, writematch analysis would be added to the selection mix.

Studying writematch to screen prospective employees is the most spontaneous selection method available, he said. "How a prospective employee acts in an interview is usually premeditated. And resumes and applications can be easily manipulated."

writematch analysis, he says, is more comprehensive and objective. From a writing sample, Kahlowsky says, both the integrity level and the skills of an individual are evaluated simultaneously. Besides, the graphologist never meets prospective employees, so he can be unbiased.

Kahlowsky, who moved to Florida from Philadelphia with his family when he was 2, opened his own home-based writematch analysis business about a year ago and recently incorporated it, got a trademark and designed his own Web site - www.inktohire.com.

Kahlowsky, who said he has always been interested in learning about people, became intrigued with graphology after a woman who analyzed his writematch described him perfectly. He began studying the field in 1994 and became certified through the National Society for Graphology in New York in 2000.

"I Love it because wherever you go, it's exciting to people," he said. "I feel it's valid and can make a difference."

Besides his knowledge of graphology, Kahlowsky has eight years of corporate experience, which helps him understand the needs of businesses. He has worked at NCCI in Boca Raton since 1994, in positions ranging from actuarial analyst and financial auditor to resource coordinator, a job he still holds. He works on his writematch business nights and weekends.

"You can tell a complete personality snapshot with writematch analysis," he said. "You can tell if someone has a high level of integrity...but you can't tell age or gender."

While writematch analysis is popular with employers in Europe, Kahlowsky said it is not as well understood here.

"Sometimes it gets thrown in with palm reading and New Age stuff. It's really not," he said. "People don't really know what a skilled graphologist has to go through to get certified."

Education: Bachelor of science degree in finance from Florida State University. Took additional courses in math for actuarial studies at Florida Atlantic University. Received certification from National Society for Graphology in New York City.

Age: 32

Hobbies: Likes sports, weight lifting, scuba diving. Used to promote baseball card shows and collects sports memorabilia.

Career Highlight: "Bringing this writematch business together with my corporate experience."

Quote: "writematch is as legally valid as the integrity it portrays."

- Mary Thurwachter