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Monday, May 20, 2024
WriteMatch Personality & Compatibility Profile
What makes WriteMatch.com Online WriteMatch Personality and Compatibility Test
different and unique from other personality and compatibility tests?

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1. WriteMatch.com has educated and entertained people from all over the world by generating thousands of personality and compatibility reports. WriteMatch.com has worked with medical professionals to make significant strides in the medical community through the evaluation of the physiological aspects of one’s handwriting. WriteMatch.com has assisted businesses by screening potential and existing employees. WriteMatch.com has partnered with the dating industry to educate and entertain thousands of singles and couples from all walks of life.

2. WriteMatch analysis is the most objective and natural way of determining personality traits. An individual's writematch is equivalent to taking a snapshot of the individual's personality. writematch is like a fingerprint. Writematch is an unconscious act and therefore one’s writematch cannot be disguised.

3. The WriteMatch.com Personality and Compatibility Report is generated by using the writematch analysis “Gestalt” school of thought. This school of thought is the most comprehensive writematch analysis method as it evaluates the overall picture of the writematch and then integrates the modifying personality indicators. Gestalt means "Overall Picture."

4. It’s the only test that is stimulating and entertaining at the same time. The Online WriteMatch Personality and Compatibility Test, stimulates the brain as you assess your own handwriting. Have lots of fun comparing your writematch to other writematch!

5. Find out your unique personality category through the unique WriteMatch.com Personality Scoring System©. This scoring system combines your unique disposition, outlook, and emotional expression into one Personality Scoring System© category. Every category is unique and focuses on the personality traits unique to that category. Based on your category, suggested careers will also be provided.

6. Use the WriteMatch.com Compatibility Scoring System© to learn about your unique compatibility ratings. This scoring system rates four key compatibility areas including disposition, emotional expression, sexual interest and energy/emotional capacity, and emotional maturity.

7. Invite others to take the test and compare Personality Scoring System© categories with family, friends, and significant others. Use the WriteMatch.com Invitee Link to invite family, friends, and significant others to take the Online Handwriting Personality and Compatibility Test. Track your invitees Personality Scoring System© categories through the WriteMatch.com Invitee Status Report. In addition, at the option of your invites, track your invitees Compatibility Scoring System© ratings.

8. Have unlimited access to your Online Personality and Compatibility customized home page. Enjoy unlimited use of your customized home page. Features include printing and/or viewing the complete Online WriteMatch Personality and Compatibility Report. Invitee Link and Invitee Status Report unlimited use with reminder capabilities. Unlimited access to the Personality Scoring System© and Compatibility Scoring System© legends ensuring ongoing ability to compare your personality and compatibility traits to those of your invitees.

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